Give and receive the perfect gift!

Explore, save and share your gift ideas!

Want to receive the perfect gift for your birthday? Or surprise your friends with that special gift they always wanted to have? With Thisforme you can easily make a wishlist with these three steps:


Spotted a gift idea while shopping? Or noticed one at the Thisforme feed?


Take a picture and add product details or easily add a gift idea directly to your wishlist from the feed. 


Your friends will notice your ‘wishes’, and they can reserve the present they’re going to buy you.

Slide Discover great gift ideas and share them with friends and family. Slide Save gift ideas to your wishlist wherever you are. Slide Friends can reserve the gifts they're buying, so you won't get it twice! Slide Follow your favorite shop or brand to receive the latest gift ideas. Slide Never give or receive useless gifts anymore! How it works

Thisforme for
your company

Use Thisforme to promote products form your local store or webshop. Users can these products directly to their personal wishlist wit a direct sales link to your shop.

Make your product the perfect gift!

More info?

Any questions regarding the app or about the business possibilities? Please send us an email and we’ll get in touch with you.


Our proud users!

At first, I had to get used to open up the app when I saw a nice product in real life. But I now use Thisforme as easy as I use my most common apps. Just open up the camera, name it, and save it! As easy as that!

I really recommend it to everyone, if only to buy yourself something nice now and then ????


I am so happy that I can finally surprise my friends with something nice for their birthday, without having to ask them!

And all recognize this: one week before my birthday, my friends ask me: “Do you have any special wishes?” Usually I don’t know anything, but now that I’m using Thisforme, I just send them to my Wishlist. Awesome right?


A great function is that you can discover items within the app and even add products using the in app browser with a tap on your screen.

Even though you’ve already saved your favorite product in Thisforme; I’m still pleasantly surprised when I receive a gift from my friends, that has been on my list for weeks. Absolutely great!


Stop getting useless gifts!